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Jewels of the Month: Leaves of Gold (and Silver)

In honor of the first weekend of fall, September’s Jewels of the Month are my oak leaf and acorn necklaces. The gold leaf has a diamond dewdrop set in platinum.

The backs of the leaves are as detailed as the fronts, and the gold acorn opens up to reveal a squirrel inside.

OMG! Get Smart (About Quantity)

The great thing about my rings is that they give you that cool knuckle-duster look without paralyzing your fingers. You can even type in them. I’m wearing the OMG set while writing this post, as a matter of fact. I wanted to show this on video, but I don’t have a helper and, as you can see, couldn’t type normally with the iPhone in one hand. Alas. At least I was able to say “hi” to y’all.

One Sample Size Does Not Fit All. Deal With It.

I would love to get a ring on Christina Hendricks. If she tries on my gold-and-diamond Borgia poison ring in sample size 6 and it fits her, I’d be glad to loan it to her for an evening. I haven’t seen a single episode of Mad Men, but I liked her two-episode arc on Firefly, so why not?


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