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London, the capital city of the UK
With the rise of capitalism in British after the 16th century, London has expanded rapidly. In 1500, the population in London was less than 50 000, but in 1600, the population increased to 20 million, what’s more, in 1700 it increased to 70 million. From 18th century, London has become the world’s largest financial and trade center. In 1900, its population was 200 million.

Birmingham, the second largest city in Britain
Birmingham and the Hatton Garden in London are the two jewelry producing cities. Jewelry industry in Birmingham can be traced back to the 12th century. The length of canals in Birmingham added up is longer than Venice’s. In 18th century, the canal used to transport goods and materials. Today, old warehouses at the Canal Zone have gone, replaced by office buildings, bars, cafes and nightclubs.

Bristol, the largest city in southwest England
As the largest city in southwest England, Bristol is the second city appeared at British Isles. Besides, it has the largest traditional buildings, the oldest port in the UK. All in all, it is a legendary city with the most historical relics.

Leeds, the city where never recession
Leeds is a vibrant, resource-rich city. The successful development on economy is closely related to the artistic atmosphere, a variety of sporting activities, magnificent cultural landscape. There are new theaters, shopping malls, hotels and museum of art in the city, along with traditional style of pubs, cafes shops.

Manchester, ranking No.2 on population in the UK
Manchester is the birthplace of cotton textile industry. 200 years ago, the world’s first large modern cotton textile industry appeared at here, which opened a prelude of the Industrial Revolution. With the cotton industry, Manchester has emerged as the pioneer of a new generation of large industrial cities.

Nottingham, the second largest trading centers in Britain
Nottingham is famous as its tourism industry. In the north of the city, it is the famous Peak District National Park. There are many attractions around the city such as Shakespeare’s hometown, the ancient castle of Warwick, Cambridge and Oxford and the Roman ruins. The attractions in city include Nottingham Castle, Museum, museum of Art, American Adventure, Wolaton Manor Park Robin Hood Museum and the beautiful countryside.


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