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Vintage rhinestone jewelry ranges from $50 to over $1,000 depending on its quality, age and whether it has a hallmark. Hallmarks are unique symbols placed on a bracelet/necklace clasp or tag or inside a ring identifying the jewelry maker, date the jewelry was made and other related information. Having a hallmark doesn’t guarantee the jewelry is authentic nor does not having a hallmark mean it’s a fake. Hallmarks can be copied. Additionally, the jewelry designer may have forgotten to affix a hallmark it or may have made pieces they didn’t see the need to mark.
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Caring for Rhinestone Jewelry

Over the years, rhinestone jewelry made with clear rock crystal may start to yellow. This is caused by the deterioration of the glue holding the rhinestone to the foil. As the cause of the yellow cast is underneath the rhinestone, it is impossible to remove by surface cleaning the jewelry. The only alternative is to have a jeweler replace the rhinestone – a simple process.

Jewelry cleaning camps are divided on how to best clean rhinestone jewelry or any costume jewelry for that matter with foil backings. Some say it’s okay to use soap and water brushing off the surface dirt with a toothbrush and rinsing the jewelry under running water.

Others say getting the foil wet causes it to turn black, ruining the appearance of white and light colored rhinestones. An alternate method to the above is to dunk a toothbrush into soapy water, shake until the brush is barely wet and carefully clean the rhinestones, taking care to keep any moisture from getting into the setting.
Online Rhinestone Jewelry Resources:

* Rhinestone Double Hoop Earrings – 3 x 3 x 1 inch from for $16.99 and they qualify for free super-saver shipping.
* Rhinestone beads for the DIY jewelry-maker. String on beading wire to create necklaces and bracelets.
* The vintage pink, white and grey rhinestone jewelry shown on this page, circa 1950, was acquired from an estate sale. It has no hallmarks. For rhinestone or other jewelry collectors wanting to research hallmarks on personal estate jewelry finds, visit the A – Z comprehensive guide at Illusion Jewels

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Jewelry becomes vintage when is at least be fifty years old and still in prime condition. When a piece of quality vintage jewelry stores over a hundred years old it becomes an antique piece. Any jewelry collector knows that in order for jewelry to be called vintage it must fit in a certain era (it […]





The tradition of the class ring began more than 170 years ago at West Point. The class of 1835 received the first class rings, a tradition that has become a popular one at high school and college campus across the United States. The rings were based on seal or signet rings, jewelry the ancient Egyptians […]

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I have stumbled upon a lovely photo gallery of jewelry from the Victorian era. The pictures shown below are picks from Joden World Resources a company that deals in museum quality antique and estate jewelry. 1. Yellow bracelet with 1 Cameo (1880) with 64 pearls and black enamel: 2. Bangle Bracelet with Cabochon Garnets and […]

The Fabergé Eggs are today more than ever a symbol of rarity, luxury

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and tradition. The jewelry beaded precious metal eggs were created by Peter Carl Fabergé and his assistants. 69 eggs were created between 1885 and 1917, and their main purpose was to be offered as gifts to the great czars of Russia, as […]

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