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Sketching is a powerful means of interpersonal communication. We view sketching as a combination of interactive drawing and linguistic interaction. The drawing carries the spatial aspects of what is to be communicated. The linguistic interaction provides a complementary conceptual channel that guides the interpretation of what is drawn and provides information that is not easily depicted spatially.medium Most people are not artists, and even artists cannot produce, in real time, drawings of complex objects and relationships that are recognizable solely visually without breaking the flow of conversation. The verbal description that occurs during drawing, punctuated by written labels,
compensates for inaccuracies in drawing.

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Wedding Engagement Rings Vow
With this ring, I give you the promise that from this day forward you shall never walk alone.
With this ring, I give you your freedom and my trust in you.
I give you my heart. I have no greater gift to give.

i love wedding rings that are studded with diamonds and emerald, they are expensive and priceless too _

of course, diamond rings would always be the best type of wedding rings that you can give your wife ‘**

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