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I am Ashoo. I like gems and pearls a lot. So I will be sharing some great looking Gems and Jewels from around the world here. It is kind of Gem and Pearls Aggregative Blog.

JEWELLERY has attracted me since I was in third standard and had my ears pierced.

My first pair of earrings were gold , and later my mother gave me topaz earrings. I like topaz. It was once widely used in jewellery. But I lost the earrings. I should have kept them.

Mostly I create my own design by looking through catalogues. When I buy it, I usually go to Rich Gems  and Jewellery.

I try to gather the gems before I make the design because it is not easy to find a batch of stones with  my dresses colour. I am always pleased when people notice the jewellery I design myself. It makes me feel proud when they compliment it.

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i likes ashoo…………………

beautiful selection of ashoo………..

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Pearl Gems is a blog by which any one can choose the design of jewel and can select any jewel for his love one..
Its an interesting blog you can send me your opinion about my Blog on my mail



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