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Diamond ring fashion

Posted on: March 4, 2011

It looks like a diamond ring that shines like a diamond, and it endures as a diamond ring, but definitely not a diamond Ring. How do I know that this is not a diamond ring? It’s like a moissanite ring prices. There is a buzz in the fashion industry about moissanite rings and jewelry and do it quickly.

Moissanite is a mineral that was discovered over a century, but until recently it was rare to use as decoration. Now, moissanite rings and jewelry is increasing and not only because they are a diamond, “replaced.” Moissanite jewelry can actually be more beautiful than diamond jewelry, have the stones more “fire” and brilliance of diamonds. Is it a measurable fact scientifically. Some stones such as diamonds represent, zirconia, for example, have some gloss and shine, but none come close to the diamond, much less to overcome.

By far the biggest benefit of the Rings and Moissanite jewelry purchase is cost. A three stone moissanite ring, find the equivalent of two carats You probably around $ 1000. A similar diamond ring will cost about $ 5,000. Investing in moissanite jewelry rings is as safe as investing in diamonds. They are harder than other precious stones, diamonds and moissanite little harder just behind what it is so durable and suitable for everyday use. moissanite rings have a lifetime warranty on most of the time. And, like diamonds, moissanite has its value.

Although moissanite rings and are less expensive than diamonds, buying moissanite does not carry the stigma of the “wrong” because the diamond stones of high quality. Couples more and more people choose moissanite three stone rings instead of diamonds choice when it comes to decisions about marriage now, and celebrities like Vivica Fox, Kiko Elsworth, the members of the (first group) Destiny’s Child, Marc Anthony, and choose to purchase and wear moissanite jewelry.

Before buying a moissanite ring, there are certain things you know. Like diamonds, has moissanite different shades of color from almost colorless to shades of green, sometimes looks gray. Many consider this color very elegant and green moissanite ring would be to start a conversation, but if you are concerned about the color, make sure to examine your potential stones in various types of light. The greens are more visible in broad daylight as he can not appear under the lights in the jewelry store.


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