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Jewelry Cambridge
London, the capital city of the UK
With the rise of capitalism in British after the 16th century, London has expanded rapidly. In 1500, the population in London was less than 50 000, but in 1600, the population increased to 20 million, what’s more, in 1700 it increased to 70 million. From 18th century, London has become the world’s largest financial and trade center. In 1900, its population was 200 million.

Birmingham, the second largest city in Britain
Birmingham and the Hatton Garden in London are the two jewelry producing cities. Jewelry industry in Birmingham can be traced back to the 12th century. The length of canals in Birmingham added up is longer than Venice’s. In 18th century, the canal used to transport goods and materials. Today, old warehouses at the Canal Zone have gone, replaced by office buildings, bars, cafes and nightclubs.

Bristol, the largest city in southwest England
As the largest city in southwest England, Bristol is the second city appeared at British Isles. Besides, it has the largest traditional buildings, the oldest port in the UK. All in all, it is a legendary city with the most historical relics.

Leeds, the city where never recession
Leeds is a vibrant, resource-rich city. The successful development on economy is closely related to the artistic atmosphere, a variety of sporting activities, magnificent cultural landscape. There are new theaters, shopping malls, hotels and museum of art in the city, along with traditional style of pubs, cafes shops.

Manchester, ranking No.2 on population in the UK
Manchester is the birthplace of cotton textile industry. 200 years ago, the world’s first large modern cotton textile industry appeared at here, which opened a prelude of the Industrial Revolution. With the cotton industry, Manchester has emerged as the pioneer of a new generation of large industrial cities.

Nottingham, the second largest trading centers in Britain
Nottingham is famous as its tourism industry. In the north of the city, it is the famous Peak District National Park. There are many attractions around the city such as Shakespeare’s hometown, the ancient castle of Warwick, Cambridge and Oxford and the Roman ruins. The attractions in city include Nottingham Castle, Museum, museum of Art, American Adventure, Wolaton Manor Park Robin Hood Museum and the beautiful countryside.


To know something about antique jewelry or antique jewellery one

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really has to dig into many (sometimes complex) factors. Some of these will be touched upon in the About Antique Jewelry section of the Adin website and in Adin’s Antique Jewelry Glossary. Although we do not intend here to delve into matters in depth, the following chapters give a good idea on antique jewelry and what it’s all about.

The word “antique” comes from the Latin word “antiquus”, meaning “old” and the word “jewellery” (British spelling) or “jewelry” (American spelling) is a derivation of the word “jewel”, which was anglicised from the Old French “jouel” some 800 years ago, in around the 13th century. The word “jouel” itself comes from the Latin word “jocale”, meaning “plaything”. Jewelry can be made out of almost every known material with the purpose to adorn nearly every part of the body.

Antique jewelry is jewelry that has reached an age of 100 years or more and that makes it a witness of a previous era in human history. It is in generally used for previously owned jewelry and for pieces of jewelry made in earlier (style-)periods and not necessarily pre-worn jewellery. It is not a dequalifying designation as many pieces of antique jewelry typically feature fine workmanship and high quality stones, as well as one-of-a-kind pieces.

Antique jewelry includes many decades or eras. Each era has many different designs. These eras include Georgian, Early Victorian, Mid-Victorian, Late Victorian, Arts and Crafts era, Art Nouveau, Edwardian, Art Deco and Retro.

Jewelry becomes vintage when is at least be fifty years old and still in prime condition. When a piece of quality vintage jewelry stores over a hundred years old it becomes an antique piece. Any jewelry collector knows that in order for jewelry to be called vintage it must fit in a certain era (it […]





The tradition of the class ring began more than 170 years ago at West Point. The class of 1835 received the first class rings, a tradition that has become a popular one at high school and college campus across the United States. The rings were based on seal or signet rings, jewelry the ancient Egyptians […]

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I have stumbled upon a lovely photo gallery of jewelry from the Victorian era. The pictures shown below are picks from Joden World Resources a company that deals in museum quality antique and estate jewelry. 1. Yellow bracelet with 1 Cameo (1880) with 64 pearls and black enamel: 2. Bangle Bracelet with Cabochon Garnets and […]

The Fabergé Eggs are today more than ever a symbol of rarity, luxury

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and tradition. The jewelry beaded precious metal eggs were created by Peter Carl Fabergé and his assistants. 69 eggs were created between 1885 and 1917, and their main purpose was to be offered as gifts to the great czars of Russia, as […]

Freshwater pearl-producing mussels can accept up to 50 implants at a time. They typically require 2-6 years to grow, and the finished pearl typically ranges in size from 4mm to 11mm. Larger freshwater pearls do exist, although their bigger size will likely be reflected in a bigger price tag. Approximately 60% of a typical freshwater pearl crop is made up of button pearls (flat on one side) or oval pearls. Only about 2% of the harvest is round, according to the latest information from the Gemological Institute of America. Baroque (no symmetry) and semi-baroque pearls typically make up the remainder of the crop. As with Tahitians and other pearl types, in a skilled designer’s hands, these unique pearls can be turned into extremely beautiful jewelry.

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